Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weird Stuff

Today I was looking through this still of an advert that I was unexpectedly invited to do by Kombat Films in Rio de Janeiro, and was gobsmacked when I noticed that the background plate was the corner where I grew up.

In my mind, and I hope the agnostics excuse me, this is more than a coincidence. I mean the chances of work turning up in Rio are next to non-existing nowadays. I just happened to be there to look after my ailing mother and was invited to do the modeling and it's lighting. Before the events of this year I only went there once every three or four years. Then just by chance these guys put my street as a background to the film, producing this weird image above. This just goes beyond the realm of chane.

The plate was taken looking away from Copacabana beach, so the hoover waiter is where I would play as a boy.

Could this be a message that I have been inhaling too much toxic air around me????

If anyone can explain the meaning of this I thank them.

Kombat Films is owned by my step-son's very talented friends Jera and Gabriel ( who also happen to be ace skateboarders and surfers.

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